What does it cover

The MOT test (or simply MOT) is an annual test of vehicle safety, road worthiness aspects and exhaust emissions required in Great Britain for most vehicles over three years old.

The MOT test covers the following aspects:

  • Lighting and signalling equipment
  • Steering (including suspension)
  • Brakes
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Seat belts
  • Body, structure and general items. Includes body and components such as spoilers, bumpers and mirror housings.
  • Exhaust, fuel and emissions
  • Driver's view of the road

How much does it cost

An MOT costs £54.85, the rate set by the DVSA (formerly the DVLA).


MOT Protection Insurance

Get it today and save in the future.



You are Indemnified for the reasonable costs of repair or replacement of Covered Components that have Failed an MOT test, during the Period of Cover, whilst Your Vehicle is within the Geographical Limits, subject to the sum covered, Excess, conditions and exclusions set out in this agreement.


  • More than one claim in any one Period of Cover.
  • The First £10.00 per claim, applied in respect of the full claim as noted on the VT30, rather than per item. 
  • Any claim made within Three months of the purchase of the agreement, or more than 30 days before or after the MOT test due date notified in the agreement schedule.
  • The cost of the MOT test or the cost of any re-test and labour or parts necessitated by failing a
  • Circumstances where the fault causing need for repair was evident prior to the expiry of the manufacturer's warranty period, where the Covered Component is subject to a manufacturer's recall campaign, inherent manufacturers' design fault or the problem was in existence prior to the sale of the MOT Test Cover agreement. 
  • Vehicles which are:
    • modified from the manufacturers' specification, or include any experimental equipment whether or not supplied by the manufacturer.
    • owned temporarily or otherwise (resulting from trade-in or acquisition for the purposes of resale) by a lease company or business formed for the purposes of selling or servicing motor vehicles.
    • used at any time for commerce, commercial driving or tuition, hire or reward, or in any sort of rally, speed testing, racing or any kind of competition or trial other than 'Treasure Hunts'.
  • Work necessitated in order to pass an MOT test; caused by:
    • corrosion
    • fire
    • frost
    • impact or accident, including road traffic accident;
    • any repairs, loss, damage or liability which is claimable under any existing insurance, warranty or guarantee
    • misuse or any kind of act or omission which is wilful, unlawful or negligent.
  • Any costs incurred in excess or outside the liability under this Agreement including any form of consequential loss, depreciation or diminution of any nature and faults in workmanship or materials, or any consequential loss in repairs paid for by Us on Your behalf. It is Your responsibility to meet any dealer charges in excess of, or rejected as not being Our liability.
  • Service items, including but not limited to points, leads, spark plugs, belts, wiper blades, batteries, antifreeze, fluids, grease, fuel or oils.


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